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price from 42 usd /person Duration: 4,5 /hours, half day bicycle tour of hanoi city Tour starts: daily Morning tour start from 8 to 12:30, or tour ...
Duration: 1 day(s) - 0 night(s)
Codes: 02
Price: 42 USD
$55 ( VND 1.250.000 /person ) are you looking for countryside biking tour?this biking tour red river delta for you explore countryside , see the villages and ...
Codes: 06
Price: 55 USD
Tour start every day $ 75 ( vnd 1.700.000/ person) , just a short time in hanoi if you would like to see both hanoi city and countryside by Cycling tour this ...
Duration: 1 day(s) - 0 night(s)
Codes: 189
Price: 75 USD
Tour Start Daily ,$75 person from 8 to 16 :00 pm,very interesting to see very green,villages,the farm,people ,and culture,and local people,where you can meet ...
Duration: 1 day(s) - 0 night(s)
Codes: 09
Price: 75 USD
$45 /person with hight quality of bicycle and street food and unique tour itinerary,see some thing different, can not found on your own ,see beautifull sunset ...
Duration: 1 day(s) - 0 night(s)
Codes: 9
Price: 45 USD
cycling to explore red river island tour, this tour we combine for you see part of hanoi city and explore red river island countryside,cycling through pass the ...
Price: 39 USD
$ 45/ person tour start every day from 5:30 to 8:00 am included breakfast time specail vietnames breakfast, tour included touir guide, hight quality bike, all ...
Codes: 6090
Price: 45 USD
private tour 280 usd / person included private car escot , tour guide,mountain bike ..Tour start every day! our tour start from hanoi and biking from the rural ...
Duration: 3 day(s) - 2 night(s)
Price: 280 USD
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  • Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, we met Peter by chance and we were indeed very lucky to have come across him. We started talking together and the first thing we appreciated was the fact that he speaks ...
  • This my second time in Vietnam. We booked for Hanoi night tours with motorbike tours Hanoi. Right from the very first meeting when we were picked up from our hotel, everything with motorbike tours ...
  • The idea of hopping on a motorbike in Hanoi was a little intimidating, but the drivers were all fantastic and the bikes seemed new and good condition. My boyfriend and I had the BEST time on the tour ...
  • I'm a 50 year old woman and spent a few days in Hanoi on a little solo trip. I looked at a few bike tours online and chose this tour, seduced by the Vespa and grest reviews - I wasn't disappointed! ...